Mama Ada's

Mama Ada’s began as a labor of love.

Ada first learned to cook at the young age of eight while standing beside her grandmother in a cramped kitchen in Eastern Europe making cherished heirloom recipes. Through this family ritual, Ada discovered her passion for creating delicious dishes, as well as her great love for sharing them with those she cared about most.

A decade later, she extended beyond her home when Ada served her grocer friend her family’s favorite potato puffs. He was so taken with her recipe that he asked her if she’d bring them to his store to sell. An instant hit, Ada’s potato puffs sold out daily.

The snappy success of potato puffs inspired her husband, Alex, to transform Ada’s casual culinary calling into a bonafide business. They opened their factory in 1994, complete with an expansive line of quality pasta products and a family brand many have come to adore: ALMI Foods.

In 2002, Mama Ada, her family, and their business moved to the United States with the goal of bringing Mama Ada’s delicious, all natural pasta to family dinners, friendly gatherings, and fun festivities of all kinds.

While her son, Oren, oversees much of the business today, Mama Ada is still ever-present in the factory, ensuring that every detail of her product from the pasta to the packaging is made with her key ingredient: love.