Mama Ada's

Over 30-years making fine, European-style pasta.

Pelmeni Dumplings

The goodness of Mama Ada’s started with the passion of one woman:  Ada . Ada and her husband, Alex, lived and worked in Israel; neither of them saw themselves becoming retailers of fine, European-style pasta products. Ada was a full-time nurse while her husband, Alex, was a businessman. However, despite her busy and time-consuming schedule, Ada would wake up each morning around 3am to make potato and cheese puffs to sell at the local supermarket. She loved to bake and cook, so setting aside this time, even so early, came naturally to her.

She never dreamed that her products would reach the popularity that they did. Each day, her potato and cheese puffs would sell out and the owner would ask Ada to produce more than she had the day before. Being just one woman and working on a tight schedule, the demands were unachievable. That was when Alex came up with a plan that would set them on the path toward creating a 30+ year business.

Russian pelmeni

Alex started a potato and cheese puff factory after the success of Ada’s creations. Being a businessman, he knew a good thing when he saw it. He wanted to give his wife’s cooking a platform of its own by producing her product in a quantity that everyone could enjoy. The factory continued to produce cheese puffs, potato puffs, and other goods as a way of showing off his wife’s skills and recipes. They seemed unstoppable when in 1980 they expanded and created their new company, ALMI. Ada’s dream grew bigger as the company produced delicious filled pasta products.

However, they knew that there were bigger things in store for them. In 2003, they moved to America in the pursuit of dreams in a foreign country. Now, Ada’s recipes and cooking style could spread across the globe – bringing smiles and full bellies to everyone they encountered!


Today, Mama Ada’s takes the passion and dedication of one family and produces delicious, natural products for its consumers. Our products include European-style dumplings, perogies, crepes, and other filled pasta products.

At Mama Ada’s, we take the health and well-being of each of our family members seriously. That is why we are dedicated to providing all-natural and nutritious dishes for every family. Each batch is made with the same love and care that Ada used to put into her own hand-made potato and cheese puffs.

All products produced for Mama Ada’s are produced without any of the nasty preservatives and fillers that you might find in other pre-made, non-natural pasta products. Finally, we make sure that each of our products are ready-to-go so that you can spend quality time with your loved ones over a good meal.

Mama Ada's – Our Factory

We have a 15,000 lb per day capacity.